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[b][align=center]Hey guys, since Kyle gifted me gold, I decided I want to give gold away to someone. Maybe I'll start doing these more often.

Post below stating that you'd like to potentially win gold, and the winner will be randomly selected and gifted gold from 9-11PM EST tomorrow

Thanks and rep would be greatly appreciated but not required.

Good luck everyone!

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Thanks for the opportunity ill jump in good luck everyone!
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i'll enter, thanks for this giveaway
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Thanks for the giveaway homie. Count me in.

Always good to see people giving back.
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Running a bit low wouldn't mind being able to win some.

Good luck all you beautiful bastards.
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Edited the post: It is not required to send a F/R anymore, but you still can if you want.
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Would love to join, thanks for the giveaway!
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i'd like to potentially win gold

thanks for hosting this
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I leiks teh goold.
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