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Team Awaited is now recruiting players!

Our Leaders PSN- oXoDarkAceoXo

What were looking for:
1. Pro Players
2. Pub Stompers
3. Zombies PRO players
5. Youtubers (500+ Subs)

14+ (Leader is 18)
Actually good at multiplayer or zombies (whatever you try out for)

About Us:
Zombies Ranking on Team Account #21k out of 3M players
Leaders Zombies Rank #205 on leaderboard

Why join us?
Were a pro gaming organization planning on taking over all cods like we did BO3, we have good leaders and basically become an online family, while being clan member friendly were also EXTREMELY focused on becoming one of the worlds finest clans.

Good Luck Joining!

contact us!!!
Twitter- @TeamAwaited
Clan PSN- AwaitedTheRace
Lead PSN- oXoDarkAceoXo
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zombies never really played it B03 zombies got to 100 on every map except verruckt kino and grood kroovi if these zombies are the same I guess I would apply anyways If you play war or pubstop I apply
K/d 1.20 ( only play war) 2nd prestige lvl 48 spm 320 w/l 1.8 pm me on ttg if you are intrested
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