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After getting my Lee Enfield golden on WW2, I opened up a few supply drops then right there, I got the heroic Lee Enfield Variant.

Honestly I have no clue if it actually helps the gun, or its just supposed to make the gun look cool, I haven't noticed any change, but my gun looks cool asf with the sketching the variant has haha.

What variants have you gotten so far? Have you noticed any that are overpowered, I noticed that that PPSH variant is really good, but thats really it.

Also if you're interested I have uploaded a gameplay commentary of the Lee Enfield Heroic Variant if you're interested in what it plays, and looks


Have a great day!

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Allegedly variants are purely cosmetic.. Not sure though
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they are only cosmetic at this point
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i havent felt a difference between the 2 because i got the same variant. I think its cosmetic

i have that variant and the machine pistol variant
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Wow this actually surprises me. Now I'm kinda disappointing cause the epic variant looks so much better haha. Thanks for letting me know!
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That gun is dope man

I have a few will have to get on to remember which ones they are.

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The gun variants ex. "Heroic" give you 15% more XP toward your rank while using it per kill you get, so it gives you more XP per kill without using a "heroic", epic, etc etc.
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