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Who is actually getting it? Because me and my mates have not been getting double at all over the whole weekend, we are getting the normal 30k xp after a game off war, just wondering what your thoughts are on the whole topic?
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Mine has been on and off, some games I get crazy amounts, then next time I only get 7k. But I can't check half the time because of P2P bullshit when the host quits
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i honestly cant even check half the time from getting disconnected from servers or randomly getting black screened. its frustrating. seems to not work for me for the most part tho. i was moving through my 50-55 levels at a normal rate tbh
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its pretty fluky to me because one game it seems like getting it and another it feels like im not getting it
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We're all getting it. The reason you haven't seen much of a change is because they messed up and it's been out since release. Starting monday, they're going to be decreasing our xp by 3x.
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Yeah i have no clue sometimes I get 75k in war sometimes it's only 30k
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I'm getting double xp
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the XP in War is inconsistent TBH
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Its Glitched So from what i know u have to get a kill at the end of the game around 1 minute left
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