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What are the Funniest/Stupidist ways you have Skipped work or school.

Mine was when I was a senior (Graduated now) Me and 3 friends went on a little trail behind our school football field to get to the school parking lot so we could go to my house and play video games, After about 2 hours of playing we thought it would be funny if we went back to the school mid day and went to the class and act like nothing was happening, when we pulled into the school parking lot my school was on a total lockdown and there were officers at the entrance, they stopped us, asked for IDs and asked us the basic "Have any weapons on you" etc. after all that we park and start walking up to the school (Keep in mind we still have no idea the school was on total lockdown) our principal was outside and told us that we had to get back in our cars and leave, I asked why and he said 4 people left school campus and were considered armed and dangerous, We all freaked out and left, Next day at school we all figure out that in the 2 hours we were gone, 4 other students had brought a pistol to school, Were taking videos with it outside of the school and one of the kids "accidentally" pulled the trigger, they all hopped in a car and left, Long story short I didn't skip the rest of the year.

Likes and Rep are appreciated but not required.

Let me know what your funny/stupid story is.

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Once I filled up a cup with water, went to the bathroom and made noises like I was throwing up whilst pouring the water into the toilet. That was probably 7-8 years ago and it worked lol.
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Acting sick when i really wasn't
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truck just wouldn't turn in the parking lot told my boss i would be in sometime this week

called him as i passed him as he was pulling in to parking lot
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Legit climbed out of a open window at school and run and jumped fence it was worth the next days detention
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probably just acted sick
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I went to school on senior skip day and then realized no one was there. So I asked to use the restroom and I left school to meet up with my friends at the beach.
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Never really had to have a reason if i didnt want to go i didnt lol. But hey look at me i did ok, own a business and am doing fine for myself ;)
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early this month for destiny 2 wasn't worth it tho game was shit lol
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Took a long weekend off for cod.
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