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Got my Z2 about 3 months ago, and it's a great phone, but I was looking into rooting, and I'm wondering if it's worth the risk? I know it can brick the device, and all other sorts of issues, but I've heard alot people can do it and it works just fine?
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I have Rooted my Galaxy s5 and has no problem but the only thing is if you choose to download Rooted apps from the internet browser make sure it's not a virus bc it can ruin your phone.

Found this out after I Rooted my old Galaxy s4 and downloaded an app I shouldn't of had.
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It fully depends if you are on a rootable version of Android or have an unlocked bootloader, so you can just flash the image. If you can root go for it, if you are on a warranty be careful; don't want to lose it because you wanted some freedom (you can do it just don't break the phone lmao).
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