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What are your goals on TTG? If you have completed most of them what were they?

My goals and what I have done

My goals on here are simple, it is to help as many people as I can and get as much good rep that I can while doing that, also get a few badges along the way, I have made a few good friends and I have started attempted to complete some of my goals.

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Earn back the respect from others that I once had.

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Ultimate goal is to achevie the Ninja badge An reach 100 rep
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3k rep

25k posts

Special badge don't really know which one, I guess Wizard would be cool but never smart enough for any of the competitions.

Maybe Grand Master one day.

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1k post and 1k rep
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just 1k rep and maybe some badges like king gfx or something lol idk
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  • Christmas!
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to help and meet people who share the same interest as me!
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to stop getting muted as much

It's not going so well

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to not get banned and get my name change privileges back
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  • Blind Luck
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Moderator would be cool to have but I dont think I'll gain that badge but time will only tell, right? Other thing I want to be a Moderator so I can moderate the PS3/4 Section as I'm a Jailbreak User so if people needs help I can assist them with my magical TTG Chat Helpline I also want the Producer badge. One of the badges that I wanted 3 months ago but gone off that badge as I was making montages but CBA now as edits takes ALOT of time to make.

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