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Happy Veterans Day to all those who serve, served or knows someone.

Thank you all and I am thankful for you guys.

God Bless America


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thank you to anyone and everyone that has served for our country. nice post
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Thanks to all veterans everywhere for your service!
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Happy Veterans Day to all the active and veteran military personnel.

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ive been feeling more emotional about this because ive had 3 family members in WW2, 1 in WW1 and 1 in afghanistan and only 1 from WW2 and my uncle from afghanistan survived. after learning more, hearing, reading, and seeing the harsh conditions they fought in and how terrifying the battle field really is its something really scary to think about. even when they get back home their war still isnt over, i truly thank everyone who has fought and sacrificed to protect us.
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Happy Vetrans Day! Thank you to the retired vetrans that served for your own country.

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Happy Veterans Day, I'm always glad to support this whenever I can, it's a great cause and much respect for anyone and everyone who risks their lives to make ours better.
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God bless America an all who fought for our freedom !!!
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Thanks to all who are either serving or who have served.

God Bless

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There are many at which deserve to hear these words spoken to them, many at which I personally knew whom sacrificed their life for the greater good of this great country's march. Some at which couldn't escape their minds, and have succumbed to the demons that dwell within their heads as a result of their invaluable service. Many at which I am honored, and absolutely proud to have had the opportunity to serve with and know, I wish they too could be here to celebrate their honorable service.

SPC Preston (6th Squadron, 6th Cavalry Regiment Headquarters (Six Shooters)
SPC Helton (18th Ordnance Company, 192nd Ordnance Battalion, 52nd Ordnance Group)
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