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Is it just me that calls in sick to work when I need to do so.ething buy don't call in when I'm actually sick and I work? I'd rather save my sick days for other things

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I do the same thing. Hahah!
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No, I do the same exact thing.
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yep, i do the same thing. it depends on what kind of sick though, if its bad enough i'll stay home
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if you can handle working sick then that would be the best thing to do, call in when you have to get things done
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Yeah only call in when you absolutely have too..
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used to do the same thing before i stopped working
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I keep my sick days for when I want to do something because if I'm ill, I can't do anything so I just go work
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We all take off when we're not sick.

Shit I took of last Friday for Cod.

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I call in sick when I'm sick not to fake it out and have a free day off. I can't be missing days out as I need the money like everyone else does.
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