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Check it out

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Xbox (11-12-2017)
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I personally got the Scorpio so I already know what you get, but going to watch this

Edit: Great Video! Really enjoyed it to be fair, haha thanks for uploading this!
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nice vid my man! Almost makes me want to get one
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Thanks for watching....IT's amazing so far....the graphics are stunning and I don't have one complaint yet!
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Great video, I liked the size comparison between the Xbox One and the Xbox One X!

Did you transfer your data from your old Console to your new one?! If so, was it a smooth process?
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Really nice video dude, I cannot wait to get one, I think my girlfriend is surprising me one for Christmas i over heard her talking to my mum and brother about it lol.

I guess ill have to wait and see .
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hell yeah gets me really excited for mine. cant wait. one more month
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That Xbox One X Thooo
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Thanks everyone for checking it out!

Explode the transfer process was as smooth as a baby's bottom! Seriously, this is such a great machine.

The only thing is I wish I could capture in 4K without having an external HDD, but it wouldn't matter unless people were viewing on a 4K screen.

The system is phenomenal!
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This dude picked the biggest knife in his house to open the X.

Still a great video man, the console looks beautiful and I hope you keep sharing videos with us.

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