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Hello guys and ladies.
IamSPARTA901 aka ogwrecka901 here.
Just wanted to introduce myself.
21 year old guy from tn.
I host ps3 cfg infections.
I quick scope on xbox360.
I make random YouTube videos!

Check out my YouTube here:

Feel free to subscribe and leave likes / feedback.

I do not have many videos just yet.

If you need a cfg infection feel free to hit me up :] or just to quick scope.

Also I'm looking for someone who can record my lobbies / matches so I can post on YouTube:) I will give credits where it's needed.

Also looking for coders to help me make a cfg mod menu on 1.14 <3

Anyways feel free to hit me up!

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welcome to the site my friend
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welcome the site my man

Cant wait to see you around the forums!
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Welcome to the site bro, i can record your lobbies for you if you like, as long as your on xbox.

PM me let me know
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Welcome to TheTechGame

Hope to see you active around the forums and good luck with your YouTube.

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Welcome buddy, Great to have you on the site and I'm from Knoxville TN, Great to see someone else from TN on the site. Hope to see you active on the forums.
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Welcome to the site.
Hope to see you around.
Please be sure that you read the rules and i hope you enjoy your stay here with us.
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Welcome to TTG man hope you enjoy your time on here as much as I enjoy mine
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Welcome hope to see you around and being active
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Welcome to the site bud!
Be sure to read the rules and stay active
See you around!
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