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Hey Guys,

Semi-Rant here..

I can't be the only one that is sick and tired of swig all these boosting threads for a game that's a week old.

Why can't you just enjoy the game rather than boost and miss most of the fun of the game.

Also why risk having yourself banned?

Is it that much of a hassle to play legitimately like the rest of us?

I have no issue taking the usernames that post on boosting threads and putting them in a list to report. The people that play Legit probably think the same.

I came to this thread to find people to play with and help out, but my posts along with others just get flooded by everyone here wanting to have everything handed to them on a Golden Platter.

I might just be over reacting, let me know what you guys think...

End of Rant..

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Because they're idiots.
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Savitar wroteBecause they're idiots.
Reply of the Day goes to this guy hahaha
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People can choose how to play the game any way they want, They're not affecting you what-so-ever.
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i dont understand it either, but they'll be banned, its like paying $80 to be banned

It also gives them a false sense of accomplishment
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i completely agree i originally joined TTG to see what people thought about COD and for people wanting to play but now its just non stop post after post about boosting and it just makes all the other posts dissapear
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Im with you, but i guess people will always want stuff easier for them. I prefer to grind the game and get my stuff legit as it shows my progression in the game. I was quite annoyed when i checked the leaderboards and found people that were level 550, 290, 160 and so on(They've been banned as of now) but i feel it kind of kills the hype of say, hitting max prestige first to find out what the prestige icon looks like, or getting #1 on the leaderboard when there will be boosters taking up the first 5-10 spots. Its very frustrating but we are going to have to accept that its not gonna change.
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Snitch gang yuh. Bet I'm reporting these bum a** mfers. They think it's cool to cheat past everyone else when we just trying to enjoy the game.. And yea it kinda does affect us when they trying to flex and have all this extra shit unlocked lol
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Guys, I want to say sorry, I have boosted, I made a post the other day asking if people wanted to boost my social score. I'm so sorry, will you forgive me? I'll never do it again.
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I've been boosting since cod 4 with I'm too godly. I will stop when I die.
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