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So I am currently 19 years old and around 2 and half years ago i decided to go into software development not knowing what it might entail. Now here i am 2 and half years later and I have got offered a job at one of the biggest companies in my country as a software dev

Here is a post i posted 2 years or so ago :

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Congrats dude thats pretty sick and i bet exciting good luck on it man

Hope you take it
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Wow, big congratulations man. Hope you new job treats you right!

What an achievement!

Proud of you!
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Congrats Gavin! Glad you continued on with the software development in college.

Looks like it is paying off now! Good luck!
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always happy to see someone get a job they have been wanting, congrats
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Congrats on getting this huge job offer.

Hope everything goes well with you and the company.

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Congrats on this huge job hope you enjoy it
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Congrats mate, I hope everything goes well
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Proud of you man! Keep it up
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