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Hey everyone,

I've made a few tweaks to the top and lower tiers of our post ranks to give us a little more progression. some of the early ranks had gaps of 300 posts in them so I've added ranks to make them more rewarding.

The higher tiers would go up in 1000's but some would take 2000 posts so I've made them all 1000.

You may find your post rank has changed this will be down to the changes below.

The top end of TTG's max post rank has gone from 20,000 to 30,000 to give the top posters a new target if they wish to aim for it.

Post ranks can be found on this page or in the image below.
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Very solid change, Like the new titles.
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It's almost like you are tempting me to spam until 7,000 posts.

Every King dreams of having the rank, "Destroyer"
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Not long till Xbox hits 25...
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It's about time, I'm sick of seeing xbox capped hahaha ;)
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I guess this isn't the worse, every 1,000 post is a different color ;P
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solid new ranks. we out here makin moves
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Thanks for this!
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New ranks look great thank you!
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You're giving Xbox more of a chance to be more aids and spam the forums. C'mon Sean but for real I do like the new features. A good well done Sean telli.
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