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Is it okay / possible to store an RV on blocks when it's going to be sitting ongravel?
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Store an RV on blocks? Wat. I mean I guess you could as long as it's a flat surface and secure but why tf u using blocks instead of axle stands or something.
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Yes you can.

As for why blocks (assuming cinder blocks) as opposed to jack stands, Jack stands are significantly weaker than blocks, not to mention they put all the weight on pretty much knife edges lol. There is no give in the blocks and when I used to set mobile homes we always set them on blocks.

OP, the only issue I forsee you running into is that your blocks will sink. My advice to you is to get a pressure treated 2x12 by how ever long each block will be spread apart and set everything on that so that the weight is dispersed over a larger surface. When we set mobiles we used 4x12x20's set 8' apart spanning the length of the home. If you put blocks under each axle and a set in the rear (assuming a lot of weight over the rear like a full bed room) you should be good. If it's a longer one like a 35'+ it wouldn't be a bad idea to put a set in the center between the front and rear axles either.
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Should be perfectly fine, I keep mine on blocks and it's been on gravel about 2 years now, everything's still fine
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