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Hey guys, I wanted to know your thoughts and opinions on the Nazi Zombies part of the game. Is it good,
bad, or just complete trash? From what I see the Zombies looks so iffy. It reminds me of IW.

Is there a real fear factor or is that just a fluke? Let me know
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It feels like a killing floor game with some cod aspects in it which i think is odd..
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Then again it's not the zombies creators made by the people that did waw,bo1,2,3 so people in advanced warfare or infinant Warfare are made by a different team
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It really nice ofc not as good as the other zombies but it's really fun
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All though I do like it I find it abit to easy I went to round 35 my first time ever playing it and then just downed myself because it got boring
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Played a few zombies games, Sometimes it's scary but it's super easy to get to a high round. Tesla gun is easy to get too.
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It's easy just takes so long after round 30 to get through rounds. Wish there was a way to double PAP or something so guns actually kill the zombies. Pretty decent though.
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