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Hey everyone, I'm getting 2 shallow McLaren Sound 10" subs in my truck and I was wondering if anyone has heard anything about this brand? Ive seen their products on youtube and a buddy of mine has several 18"s from their company but I wanted a broader opinion on them
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I personally have never heard of them. I've always went with Kenwood or Kicker Comp R's.
If my buddy had some and I could test them out and see their ranges, I wouldn't be as hesitant to buy them.
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listen to them in real life and see what they are like, i have never heard of them though
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never heard of them but you could probably look up reviews about them on YouTube, which im sure you've done already
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Never heard of them but they are expensive and competitive subs.
The use them for competitions.

Sound is insane.
Check out YouTube for bassman, he is about 20 and has a wicked truck with them in it.

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Quality products they make. I still have a pair of their mids I used to run back in the day.

You shouldn't be disappointed with those subs as long as they're on the right amp and in a proper enclosure.

Just don't overpay.
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