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So the new cod is coming out and I haven't been interested in the last few titles. The excitement had me feeling nostalgic of my old cod days. When's the last time you had the same feeling?

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Honestly when i hopped o BO1 a couple weeks ago, all the memories came back, man...i wish i could go back in time.
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Either playing private WoW servers from old expansions such as Wrath of the Lich King or playing some GCN games with my mates on an emulator like Mario Party 4
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I've always became nostalgic watching old cartoon shows which i use to watch when i was young, such as old Simpson Episodes and Spongebob episodes. Takes me back to when life was simple and fun, now nearly 18 it's just full of stress and sadness.

So from time to time i go back and watch old Simpson and Spongebob episodes just to remember how nice it was. For anyone interested in that video i posted here are some more you should listen to;

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When I played ghost the other day
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When I got told mwr was being remastered but that turned out wack

I'd say last time I played Mw2-3
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Probably when i went back to a site Runescape made back in like 2009, called Funorb. i used to play this game called Arcanists, its super dead now, mostly used as a chat room for the og veterans.

its pretty annoying to get it working since it doesn't run in browsers anymore.
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Watching LoL worlds, reminds me of a few seasons ago when I loved it.
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Last time I played MW2, Those were the days.
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I would say my nostalgia stopped after MW3. That was the last cod I really had a whole lot of fun.
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