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I finally got some decent pictures of the car. Its been a long time coming. Tomorrow she gets put away for the winter along with tuning, a few cosmetics, and minor fixes. Follow me on instagram for more pictures and details

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looks sick awesome car
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Dope as'f !!

Nice car btw!!!
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Positive I've seen that R33 on youtube somewhere, possibly Lowcals not sure. Probably isn't the same one but nice rollers. Last image was probably the best out off the 4. Should get some more
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idek what to say about that wing
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Looks nice bro, but wheres your front bumper on the last pic
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omg i'm in love there is so much potential!!! PLEASE make a youtube and keep everyone updated!
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yooo this is sick, hope to see more pics of it and seeing it upgrade nicely
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That thing is insane

Didn't you have an r33?
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oHusky wroteThat thing is insane

Didn't you have an r33?

Yeah i did lol sold that for my supra!
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