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I recently bought an 04 Civic and was wondering what cheap mods I could do. Nothing too expensive, just looking for suggestions. I know of things to do, but I dont want to look foolish driving a riced out car. So if theres any "small" mods that wont give me that title, let me know!

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depends on your age and what your into, hubcaps, small spoiler, if its manual get a custom shifter, splatter paint dash, led strips around seat and under dash near floor board, aftermarket muffler, theres a good little bit you can do depending on what your interested in
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All comes down to personal preference. The small simple things that make the car look different are what makes it your own. I'm assuming when you say '04 you're referring to the EP2. You could go for the mugen extras like grill, splitter, spoiler etc, even if the mugen spoiler is too much for you. You could even go with the Type-R one. Like I said, it all comes down to personal preference.

Here's a couple images of the grill and spoiler.

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I would highly recommend the following.

1. Lower it
2. Decent rims
3. Cold Air Intake
4. DO NOT STRAIGHT PIPE IT (If you want it to be louder do research on a good exhaust system)
5. SIMPLE Body Kit

Honestly these examples below are pretty good.

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you could lower it or get some nice rims on it
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One of my friends from last year had an 04 civic and it turned out very nice. He had the fire red limited color they only made a few of and he did anything and everything to it.

To start he lowered it (must) even if I had a car. He also bought a turn down exhaust to echo off the ground and building walls which is what I have. Next he changed his shifter to a PBR draft beer knob. He had stickers all over the dash and exterior. He had extremely bright 10k headlights along with 5K fog lights. The next option you can go with is camber (tilt of the rim) but depending how much you get, you could be running thru tire like nascars do. I absolutely recommend a fender roll because it does look cleaner. And last but not least everyday at school he had anyone sign his trunk with a chrome sharpie marker... his car looks like an arm cast haha! Good luck to you with the civic.
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I think that the first "mod" that should be done to a car is window tints. It helps keep the heat of the sun out, which helps out greatly in keeping your interior clean as well.

What are you looking for? Performance mods? Exterior mods?
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This thread is happiness
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It always depends how tight your budget is ...

Really tight budget:
    Lowering springs (aftermarket shocks would also be a safer route than oem shocks)
    Decent-looking oem wheels (7th gen civics have smaller wheels -> Cheaper)

If you can afford it :
    Coilovers (Scale suspension, Bc coilovers, etc.) -Do not get racelands...
    Decent-look oem wheels or replicas (i'd go with oem wheels until you can afford real wheels)

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Turbo kits for civics are like 800$ On eBay ;)
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