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Thought I'd sign up as I liked the look of this forum.

Currently studying Graphic Communication (Graphics Design) at university, also have an Xbox One which I play often.


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Welcome to the site bud!
Be sure to read the rules and stay active.
See you around the forums
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Welcome to TTG hope to see you around the forums enjoy your stay and if you need any help feel free to pm and one more important thing to do read the rules
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Welcome to the site mate. Stay active and read the rules.

See ya around bro.
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Welcome to the site dude, Stay active and see you around the forums!

Enjoy your stay.

Come join us in the ShoutBox.
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Welcome to the site man
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welcome to the site
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Welcome to the site!
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Welcome to the TTG community man! I hope you enjoy your time on here and also feel free to check out the shout box as you can meet a lot of new people on their. Also if you want you should pm me on here and we should play some xbox
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Welcome to the site hope you stay active we can play xbox sometime my dude
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