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well, schools soon and i need atleast a few hours of sleep. instead of disabling my alarm after the 1st time waking up ill try and get fired up tired af. any suggestions to get fired and ready to go right off the rip?
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Coffee my friend.
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My answer would not be legal
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Shower, coffee, self discipline
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Cold showers get me going
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Just turn up some Taylor swift and that should do the trick. Other than that, BLACK coffee usually does the trick
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Music..Straight up..
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Q good cup of hot coffe an a nice hot shower always gets me ready for the day
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Do some pushups or pullups before heading to the shower.

It gets the blood pumping and wakes you up.

Works hella well.
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thanks for the tips boys the music got me going then i fell asleep in the school library and just went home lmfao o well
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