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Got a mil from selling my last team for these new legend sbc's and i'm stumped on what to build next...

I have Sergio Ramos from a untradeable pack so i figured why not use him, but don't have to have him.

This is what i came up with from the games i've played this far and the general game meta's.

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Thoughts and opinions on the team and formations is always welcomed!

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Imo the formation is very effective, but the midfield would seem to get outran.

It's still a nice team, but this is what I'd recommend:

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All players are also considered "meta".


Navas: Overall a good keeper (which is rare in FIFA) that also has the Long Throw trait.


Alaba: Very quick, with great well rounded stats.

Ramos & Varane: Both tall, quick, great defending and physicality.

Carvajal: Quick, great defending and physical with decent dribbling too.


Vidal: Midfield general. He's your box-to-box with an amazingly well rounded card.

Rijkaard: Defensive midfielder with great stats for his respected role.

Asensio: Very good attacking midfielder which I use in my main team as a sub. Great dribbling & passing with good pace and shooting.


Sanchez: Also use this guy in my main team as he is just incredible, everything you need on a forward.

Firminho: Actually a sick ST to use, with great dribbling and shooting. Good pace, passing, and physicality.

Willian: Rapid, with great dribbling and good shooting.
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