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Man needs a bit of reassurance. I've been studying for a certain career for 2+ years now, but I'm now deciding that it's not for me. I'm 19 y/o, anybody done something similar? Suggestions?
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yes i wanted to be a software developer now i'm an engineer
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I wanted to blow things up - now I'm fixing jets. Find something you enjoy now before it's too late for you to change.

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Bro I've changed my major 3 times: from construction management to business to computer science to now back to construction management. We'll find our way
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I've changed my career while I've been in college and it's only my first year. I was going into Pre-Nursing but now I'm going to do Physical Therapy.
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yep just happened to me, spent the last 2 years doing my prereqs to become a nurse got accepted into nursing school back in august and ended up dropping from the program few weeks ago. My advice is dont pick a career solely based off of the income especially when it involves healthcare. While its nice to have a job where u can make alot of money you will end up burnt out and regret it down the line if its something you truely cant see yourself waking up everyday and doing. I ended up changing my career path to information security which is something ive always been interested in since starting college. It also helps that my dad does that kind of stuff now and is able to guide me in the right direction.
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Glad i'm not the only one, I have not wasted 2 years of my life because it is useful knowledge but I don't think I should continue that path any further.
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Yo I am also 19 years old. I am in college studying Biology with a pre-med focus so I can go onto med school after. I love it, but a stronger passion has come about recently.

I have not changed my major yet, but I am thinking of studying psychology so that I can become a guidance counselor at a school. This is a very different path than become a pediatrician haha I've learned that although I love helping people through diagnosis, I also love helping people by listening and understanding.

Luckily I have a super strong support group, but I get how you feel like... damn did I just waste that time?

Nahhh you didnt. It helped you grow to find new passions. Its a lesson you can now pass onto friends, family, even your kids.

Best of luck to you on switching it up a bit. Isnt college the time to find yourself?
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Ive done level 1 engineering in college when I was 16 (In UK we start college at 16) then I proceeded to do level 2 when I was 17. I was 3 months away from finishing but I was so sick of it and didnt want to do mechanics anymore so I dropped out at level 2. When I dropped out I wasted my life away for 6-7 months. I have always been into coding and decided that I want to be a programmer. Couple of months after my 18th birthday I looked into another college. I saw a games desgin level 3 course and it had c# in the banner. So being an idiot that I am, I thought I will code there. So I applied and got in. I have went to the college and stayed there for about 1 month. The class was full of brain dead people that didnt know anything about programming and when we done *coding* it was in stencil. Lul. 95% of the course was 3d modelling. I didnt enjoy it so I dropped out. That leaves me where I am right now. Right now Im trying to get any temp job until I become better at coding and hopefully get a job in software developing.
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I'm about to turn 20 and still don't know what I wanna do yet
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