MinecraftSo, I attempted to run a 2k resource pack w/shaders...Posted:

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I attempted a 2k resource pack and shaders mod on the latest Minecraft.
With moving leaves and plants. It looked AMAZING.

And this is after hours of crashing and perfecting the configuration to my GTX 1060 w/ 16gb ram

Shaders: Continuum set to Standard
Texture pack: laacis2's Natural 2k+

Image: (if youd like to see more please let me know)

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I had a solid 55-70 FPS while playing. If i zoomed in, it would drop to 34 FPS or so

side note: whos excited for 4k in Minecraft on xbox one X and win10 edition?
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Could you make a nice shaders pack list,

Like show a pic of how it looks like and the name and link to download

Also I tried Shaders: Continuum set to Standard I only 13 Fps i think its because I was using Ultra
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