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Does anyone have any cool survival type game suggestions for computer or xbox one?
I'm talking about games like the long dark or the forest and stranded deep.
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ARK is good if you have the time for it haha
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Ark is good yeah but only with a group of mates willing to grind it.
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I personally would say 7 days to die or ark.
7 days to die has a minecraft style survival while ark is well, just survive and grind.

Pro tip: if you buy 7 days to die, buy it on PC if you have a 1060 or above, updates come sooner, gameplay is better than the console edition (Controls on console are weird and strange when it comes to aiming)

Actually get either of those on PC.
Mods + better graphics if your pc can handle it.

Dont get xbox ark unless its for xb1 x
its pretty shite on console as theres 0 mods and waaay less servers
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Ark is pretty funny gotta play a nice amount of time though.

Dying light is a zombie survival game that's pretty fun on the Xbox one and they still make free updates for it
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