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So I have the RGHC.xex tool because a friend of mine asked for a remote recovery on BO2, I used the tool to spoof his GT and I changed did what he asked me to do

Prestige 13
Coloured Class Names
Double DSR/Ballista
LB Semtexs

Everything was fine but I heard you need to go online and get a few kills for it to stick but I can't even join a game to get the kills as I keep getting an error message saying "The game session you have joined is full" (not that exact message but something among those lines)

Whenever I have this message pop up the Semtexs go to concussion grenades, any suggestions how to fix this?

I spoke to a friend and he uses the same tool and he doesn't have this problem

I have also tried going into Private match and killing myself a few times and the same thing happens and I have also tried forcing host to get into a public match, I actually get into the game but only for around 30-60 seconds then I lag out again
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you cant go into a public match for remote recoveries. I use the chaotic360 tool and the same principle applies. You need to do the stats in custom game then launch a custom game, then kill yourself. then end the game, then check statistics. then sign out of that account, then tell whoever you're doing the recovery for to go into a public match and get two kills a death, and then backout. This way the stats and rank will stick This method has worked flawlessly for me. Hope this helped
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Sorry, I have just seen this, I will give it a try.. thank you <3
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