Showcase[Photomanipulation] Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf.Posted:

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The color correction is really nice, but the bigfoot is almost smaller than the girl and shes realistically only a few feet from him, he should be like 4x the size!!
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Constructive Criticism ahead.

The "Blur" is to much and makes the quality look not too great, i would recommend using another bigfoot or try pen tooling him better as he stll has the cut out lighting around is body.

The Colour Correction in which you have used does not really fit this... i would recommend a darker night like CC, to make it fit what your going for...

Lighting placement could be better.

Depth of view is of, the blur out sets the depth of view because you have blurred the main aspect of the design out ..
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Looks dope man, really like what you did with this one.
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Looks to blurry imo.

Good stuff though.
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