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Alrighty guys it's time for a new build thread for me. The past two have been about my XJ's I've owned but since I bought a REALLY nice daily for $500 and costed me $240 to get it fixed I figured I'd sell my Fire Blaze Pearl XJ while I had the chance and head to North Carolina to pick up a EG hatch for a really good deal. She isn't the prettiest on the outside as of now but honestly I bought the car for the motor. The motor is a fully build H22A4 and for those who don't know they come out of the 1998 Honda Preludes and are a very good motor. The transmission is out of a 1995 Honda Accord and again if you don't know they are a really long geared transmission which is what you want since these cars are 5 speeds. So far this car is a blast. I've been in A LOT of fast cars and even with me driving this one I get scared because it's walking all over the road with how much power it has. The car right now is only tuned on 13LBS of boost which is good for 450HP. I have a lot of plans for this car I'd love to list them all right now but it would be too much to type..

Motor Specs:
Darton Sleeved Block
Stock Bore
CP Pistons
Eagle Rods
Skunk 2 Head Package
Dual Springs
Titanium Retainers
Ported Intake
ARP Head Studs & Rod Bolts

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  • Winter 2017
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honda guys unite!

heres my integra

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Disc wrotehonda guys unite!

heres my integra

Nice I always love the Integra's with the JDM front ends!
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