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Spent about 15-20 mins on it, not really sure on how to make it a little more interesting, any advice guys?

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Try blending them inside the logo more as they dont look like they belong their, add colours and lighting
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Maybe add a little smoke coming from the III
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At first its a good begin.

May you should add some inline Shadows and Smoke.
Also I recommend to play with blending effects and contrast.

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I like the way you set it out man! Like what the other users say add some smoke would emphasis the whole layout
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You can definitely tell where you clipped the images, you should use an eraser brush with a lower hardness on it to blend it better with the columns. You should also play around with blending the images a bit more, try messing with the layer modes and opacity with a combination of the eraser tool.
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Doesn't look too bad to me, pretty clean dude
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