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Personally I have been loving

Post Malone

Also a who doesn't love a but of Lil Uzi

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I'm a fan of Post Malone, myself. NF, Drake, and Russ are among my tops.
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NBA Youngboy is by far my favorite right now
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Eazy-E hands down, he's a legend
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between Young Thug and Maxo Kream
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My favorite rappers is lil wayne next to that would be Quavo from the migos he's got features with post malone
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post Malone and lil uzi are flames

but lowkey been bumping Lil Pump pretty often lmao

The music is so hype
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Post,Uzi,Logic would have to be my picks
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Uzi has come out with some alright songs, but I just don't like him as a person.
I like night Lovell's beats

This song is my go-to when im in my feels

And this is my current hype up song
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