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Yesterday, the VA had announced her recovery and she believes it feels like a miracle to be able to return after her long hiatus that started August last year, she's been replaced in some anime as the result and hopefully now she'll be able to make a full recovery and get to see her in more anime again.

Google Translate of her message to fans
Because I asked you to write me forever,

I am delighted that I can finally report on my return in my own words.

There was also an announcement from the office,

Thanks to long-term rehabilitation results, thankfully, we were able to resume your work from August.

Because of sickness of the throat, to recover to the level to return to work of voice,

It became a hard holiday much harder than I expected.

Honestly, being able to return now is a feeling like a miracle to me.

During holidays, I was saved by many people's support and warm words.

Although I suffered a lot of inconvenience and concern in various directions due to a sudden closure,

There are so many opportunities to receive warm letters and words, I only have a feeling of gratitude.

Especially, letters from you were the best support during the holidays.

Thank you very much, truly.
Thank you very much for those who gave me a birthday present.

Here's a MAL of her, so you can see the anime characters she's voiced.
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I remembered reading about about her taking a hiatus last year due to some sort of disease. Turns out it had something to do with the throat, according to the source provided. Real sad news at the time. This was also pretty much one or two days after I finished binging Shokugeki no Soma (great anime, btw). What made it even worse, was when I found out that she also voiced Kaori from Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso. If you've seen that anime, you know what I'm talking about. Anyway, I'm really glad she's recovering and coming back to VA. However, in the end, VA is also just a job, so, in my opinion, she shouldn't push herself too much.

But again, really glad to hear she's doing better!

Thanks for the share!

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