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Do you guys think csgo is dying since PUBG came out, could csgo die off with all the new games coming out this year?
could PUBG be the new CSGO, could Overwatch or Fortnight be the new csgo, probably not but It would be cool to see overwatch way more popular than csgo to kill it but what do you guys think.
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What do you think?

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Extorted wroteWhat do you think?


That July 2012 stat tho
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"Could Overwatch be the next csgo" Overwatch died like 5 months ago.

I personally think PUBG is going to die in a few months too. Yes, CSGO Ain't as popular anymore but I personally do not think it is dying.
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CS:GO won't 'die out' because of PUBG, they are entirely different games.

Sure, there are a lot of people playing PUBG, it's definitely the most popular game at the moment but is it killing other top-tier games? I don't think so. I would be more worried about the older, poorer quality games.
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CS has been around since '99 and its had its up's and down since then. Definitely in a lull right now for sure but it'll come back around.
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CS:GO MM is dead, its either you pay for esea or play with cheaters. Game wont last much longer. Itll just be a way to earn money with the skins as usual
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It's definitely not dying just going through some problems. ex Cheaters in MM and now cheaters are getting to esea.
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CS isn't dying. The problem is all the hackers and the trash hitboxes, but that doesn't seem to be hindering the growth mainly based off the price of the game (since it's so cheap people will continue to buy it).
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Personally, I think it died before PUBG, nobody would play CSGO with me even after Overwatch came out. For hardcore FPS fans, it's a shame, given how much of a classic CS is.
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