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This is the info i would like on the image:
would like for the different games to be on separate images.
Thanks -BluuuTTG

BluuuRGH's Modding Service

BO2 CO - HOST (Multiplayer)
- 1 Hour
- JiggyMenuV4.5

BO2 CO - HOST (Zombies)
- 1 Hour
- Project Iconic [SENTINEL] Menu

BO2 Remote Recovery
- Unlock All
- Prestige 0 - 15
- Rainbow Class Names

- Ghost Camo (+ £1) (Must have thee Rogue DLC camo downloaded for it to stick)
- Zombies Max Rank (+ £1)
- Custom MP/Zombies Stats (+ £1)
- Account Reset Warranty (+ £1) (This means if your account gets reset, I will re-do your recovery for free)

MW2 Menu Lobby
- iKonroi v5 Menu
- Unlock All
- Rainbow Classes
- Infections
- Max Stats
- Any Prestige
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Just a heads up not many people do thread designs for free, saying that Zesri made one for everybody to use and you add the text etc yourself, but for any specific design you probably wont get it free.
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Zesri does them for pretty cheap, as Huni said he made one which you can edit yourself (text) not background.
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