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so I have a slim RGH

ill start first by telling you the problem I am having which is freezing, it might freeze on mw3, mw3 or any other cods, sometimes it might even freeze as soon as I turn it on

I have my RGH lay down instead of stood up and I have plenty of ventilation space for the fans

1 - xbdm
2 - ninja
3 - JRPC2
4 - destruction v1

ive seen people say it might be the ninja off host and destruction causing the problem but I watched XBOX360LSBEST on youtube the other day and he runs both destruction and ninja off host and sometimes he can be live streaming for 2/3 hours without 1 crash, sometimes I last 10 minutes and my RGH crashes.

when it crashes nothing happens like I cant dashboard I cant even turn my xbox off via the controller I have to turn it off via the actual xbox and btw when it crashes it isn't a fatal crash...

please help its driving me mad

***** WILL REP *****
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