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This is going to be the best/worst 62 of my life. Can't wait to become a ranger. Hopefully everything goes well for me!!

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Congrats hope you pass with flying colors
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Congratulations, I hope it all goes well as well my friend. Good luck!
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Pantyhose worn under your boot socks help with blisters from all the humping you'll be doing. Have a good time, post back here when you've earned the tab.
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Glad to see another member fighting for their country. Congrats and good luck on achieving your goal!
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Congrats man

Hope everything goes well for you in Ranger school.

Update us when you pass.

Good luck with everything.

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Congrats on making a stand buddy! Good luck and God Bless!
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Mat Best would be incredibly disappointed in you. Good luck on earning your tab!
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Congrats bro.
Hope everything goes well for you man
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Good luck at power ranger school
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