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Stupid post is stupid, so short and sweet.
4 year member as of 3 days ago, can't believe I've spent(wasted?) so much time on this site, doesn't feel anywhere near that.

Some stats for my time here;
13,750 posts
1052 rep
29 gifts of gold
gifted gold 39 times
613 thanks
5256 useful posts
10 badges(including PCMR)
13th top poster - One of only two 4 year members to achieve more than 11,000 posts here

Aside from my TTG birthday, today is my actual birthday, the big two zero, no longer a teenager(depressing, right?). So happy day of birth to me.

and I guess I'll end this with the one of the creepiest memes I've ever seen, knock off Shrek;

The Following 10 Users Say Thank You to 13 For This Useful Post:

Skates (10-12-2017), Allergies (10-11-2017), Mikey (10-10-2017), Boss (10-09-2017), clingy (10-09-2017), Decy (10-09-2017), Adam (10-09-2017), Kyle (10-08-2017), Huni (10-08-2017), Xbox (10-08-2017)
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Happy birthday hope you have a great one !!!

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Congrats on 4 years man.

Hope to see you go on and reach that 15k Juggernaut one day soon.

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happy birthday
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Happy Birthday 13!

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Happy birthday man!! Enjoy your 20s while they last!!
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Happy Birthday man hope you enjoy your real birthday and TTG Birthday.
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Congrats on 4 years and also Happy 2Oth Birthday!
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Happy birthday
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