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So I really feel like watching Dragon Ball and going through all of it but im a little lost with the order how I watch them... Could somebody possibly explain somethings like' Is there anything I should skip? Do I watch it with Subtitles or Dubbed? (I know thats down to personal preference mainly) etc.
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Alright heres the order for It I watched it all in subbed and the subs good.
First watch Dragon Ball
Then after you watch that then you have the option of watching these.
Dragon Ball Z
Dragon Ball Kai
and Dragon Ball Kai 2014.
Watch the Original dragon ball first then you can watch Dragon Ball Z or Dragon Ball Kai.Kai is DBZ but has no fillers and fixes some issues. But I recommend watching the fillers because their fun to watch like Goku and Piccolo getting their drivers License.I recommend watching All of of it except the Garlic Jr Saga which is Filler.Once you finish them you can go to Dragon Ball Super if you want or you can watch GT but GT is supposedly not very good so If you didnt want to watch that you could skip to Super.
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