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I give up on life lately (about 5 months) I've been going crazy on how I'm going to make some money and stop being poor. I thought of more than 100 ways I'm sure to make some money I tried selling, making stuff, learning stuff EVERYTHING and I failed at EVRYTHING. People told me to learn about Facebook ads and drop-shipping or learn about making websites I have but I forget or it still don't turn out right.

My mom just told me to give up because I can't make money to become rich or make a decent living cause I'm stupid. Yep that what she said last October I was diagnosed with autism it not really bad but I just have difficult learn things. And I wanted to become something to make money to prove to her that I'm not a stupid retard, and not only to her to myself too cause I know I can't do anything cause I'm too stupid to understand stuff and remember it . But now I realize I can't do anything because I'm too young (I'm 16) or I'm too stupid to learn it and I want to give up on life, I keep telling myself everyday there something out there I just need to find it but after finding over 100 different ways of trying to make money and failing at every single one of them I realized I'm worthless.

Now I did have a summer job they said they will hire me back they never did, I looked for jobs but I guess they can tell by my grammar that I'm stupid, I could work as a cashier but I'm not it takes me too long to realize how much I'm suppose to give back to the customer. Then that's when my mom told me I failed the test to graduate now I still got one more year to past that test , but me and my mom know that i'm not she either I can try and learn it even though I won't understand it or she can put me in a slow class. So I'm thinking about going to a slow class then everybody that I grew up with will know that I'm as dumb as a box of rocks and so will everybody I will work with in the future.So Its a chance I might not graduate, Some times I blame god for my problem I feel like he hates me and makes fail on purpose, make my life miserable on purpose. I know it dumb to blame god but I also blame myself too for being born so stupid.

I don't know what to do I really just want to end it all but I know there a hell waiting for me and that's 3x as worse as my life on earth.

I'm dedicated to make it in this world and to be able to wake up without worrying about money I've been dedicated for 5 months always said I was going to give up then a minute later I'm back online trying to make money. And the only reason I'm dedicated is because I'm tired of being poor no poor as in I can't go out and buy a $500 computer poor as in not able to buy $20 pair of shoes Plus my mom been out of the workforce for 2 year bout to be her 3rd, she just had a job but she quit because her job told her she couldn't be on wifi and she would have to be next to the modem which is in our kitchen.

She doesn't care if she can't pay the light bill or not but I do.

What should I do should I give up and realize I I'm a stupid worthless kid or try to find another reason to wake up in the morning.
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Sounds like you're becoming depressed. Trust me, i have worried about when i get older and such what am i going to do for money and where would i be and what would i become? But overthinking on how to make money at only 16 can tear people apart. Sure, some people at your age can and want to make money. Sometimes for their own need and sometimes to help support themselves and their family.

What i suggest you doing is getting in contact with a therapist or councillor due to the fact what you are feeling isn't right and isn't good. Having to think of a reason to get up every morning isn't the type of mentality a 16 year should be having to go through.

Also, don't care about what others think of you. You are trying to better yourself, it's like when someone laughs at a overweight dude at the Gym. He is making himself better, not caring about others. I went too long caring about what others felt about me. Now i just don't care. If i want to get a good job, nice house nice car. I/We gotta work for it. If that means going to the lower/slow class then so be it. It will be worth it in the end.

If you need anything shoot me a PM,
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Life is never easy. Nothing in it is easy. Unless you're born with a silver spoon in your mouth, life can be much of a hassle to find your calling and make a living. But, in this generation you need school to succeed. I would recommend for you to start seeing a professional licensed therapist/phyciatrist.

If you are autistic, you should already be in special needs classes. This does not mean you are "stupid" or "dumb as a bag of rocks", it only means you have a disability and face obstacles that other kids do not, therefore you need extra attention and assistance to succeed academically. Do not get down on yourself over things you cannot control. Its not worth it. For now, focus on succeeding in school and graduating. Your chances of finding a job increase after that. If possible try getting into college, or trade school once you are finished with school.

Im sorry bud, this is just how life is. Its not always fun or nice to you, we all have our obstacles we have to get through, and once we do, it makes us who we are today. Dont lose hope, i know how hard that can be. But there is always a new day waiting for you to tackle it.

I hope this helps your state of mind somewhat. Take it easy bud, dont stress over things you cannot control.
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Hey man, just to let you know that nothing in life comes easy, you gotta work for it. Don't ever give up and never let anyone tell you that you aren't good enough because one day its gonna happen for you. Maybe not in a year or two but eventually it will. Just keep on trucking man and eventually things WILL swing your way. One recommendation that I have is to try to find as many ways. to make some cash along your way. Whether that be working your butt off at a job or whatever, BECOME A PRO AT IT. If you want some more motivational advise I'd take a look at a guy named GaryVee. He provides some good inspirational and educational stuff on succeeding. Hope this helped you and I wish you the absolute best of luck in whatever you decide to do. Feel free to contact me on here as well if you need advise or just a friend to talk to. Take care man.
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