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Hey all, thought I'd share the great news with you all, my partner and I are expecting our first child April 6th, 2018! Super excited and finally glad we can announce the great news!

Not especially close with anybody on here but thought I'd let you all know anyway!

We'll be finding out the gender beginning of next month but we won't be told until out gender reveal gathering!

Cheers all

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Congrats on having your first child.

Share a pic with us if you would like when the big day comes.

Good luck to you and your family.

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Congrats man!! Huge changes going to be happening in your life
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Congratulations on becoming a dad it ain't easy I'll tell you that !!

But congrats again man !!!!!
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Congrats mate hope all goes well and the babys healthy.
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Congratulations man! Wish you all the best
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Congrats man
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Congratulations! Wishing you all the best!
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Congrats man
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Congratulations man! What gender do you think it is? Even though you wont know what it actually is for a month
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