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I personally think it's fire he definitely on that come up Whitney probably my fav besides Gucci gang
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I honestly dislike Lil Pump.. His music just isn't for me.
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Listened to it three times through so far, not really a pump fan but he's got a couple of good tracks for just turning your brain off and vibing to in my opinion.

Pump is a little too repetitive and I think this album shows it, the best tracks on it are probably Whitney, Pinky Ring, and Back. But that's mostly because the features carry them.

D Rose and Molly are pretty good solo ones though.
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Horrible music
He makes music for those who still say lit in 2017, only heard about supreme 2 years ago and thinks yeezys are cool
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It was okay.

People get too caught up with lyrics and him "rapping about nothing" but at the end of the day if the beat is good and I can vibe to the song I couldn't care less what he's saying honestly. People who like Pump don't listen for his lyrics.

Whitney was my favorite tho, Keef x Pump
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