Forum GamesWhat's your favorite board game ??Posted:

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Well mine is monopoly it's a fun game I jus got put out of the game,

But I'm setting here watching my family play but my gf is killing them she owns half the board

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Chess. I've always loved playing chess.
Speed chess is entertaining as hell to watch if both players know what they are doing.
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mine are between connect four and risk!
haven't played em in years but was literally a piece of my childhood
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This is by far my most favorite board game. All The King's Men is perfect for those who love the simplicity of Checkers but the strategy involved in Chess.

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Checkers, Yahtzee, or Battleship.
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Shit honestly its that one Mexican board game snakes n ladders yah know what Im talking mang
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me and friends got drunk and played Life and a apples to apples several times this summer and honestly those two games are so much fun. even sober
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I like playing monopoly a lot.
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I would have to say monopoly
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