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Released: October 6th, 2017

1. Intro 3

2. Outcast

3. 10 Feet Down ft. Ruelle

4. Green Lights

5. Dreams

6. Let You Down

7. Destiny

8. My Life

9. Youre Special

10. If You Want Love

11. Remember This

12. Know

13. Lie

14. 3 AM

15. One Hundred

16. Outro

Ive been an NF fan since i heard him do a track with flame in 2013 then he got signed with capitol records in 2015 to bring the release of mansion.
This is his third album and this album is not a let down. The emotion he carries through every track is powerful and his music carries meaning. Every track is a story about him, music is his escape, he writes what he feels in the moment.
I have not heard every song yet but i havent been let down. From the time i pushed play, i have been bobbing my head. His flow is on point, his wordplay cannot be match and his lyrics or more powerful than anything in mainstream.
If there is a track that keeps me listening to this guy is that his intros and outros arent talking, he punches in and there is no chorus just an explosion of emotions and deep lyrics.

This album will be on repeat for me for a while and continue to be in rotation with the rest of his albums.

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I just downloaded this, highly recommend it to others!
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Was listening to some of these last night, great album. Recommend to all!
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Been following this guy since Mansion came out. He is such a raw talented rapper/singer. His emotion in his music is amazing. My favorite songs from Perception are Intro III, Outcast and If You Want Love.
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Ill have to listen to this, my friend showed me him and at first I just listened to it and didnt think much about it, then like 3 months later I thought about it again and gave it another shot and boom, became a fan. Although in the past several months I stopped listening to him.
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NF's 'Perception' Hits No. 1 on iTunes Albums Chart.

Perception has reached number one not only the Hip-Hop Albums chart but on the overall albums chart as well, beating out recently deceased Tom Petty.
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I listened to my life on repeat the whole way home tonight Rep dude thanks for showing me this dude for real he got a new fan
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I used to listen to NF a lot. Stopped awhile back. He is very good though
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NF i have listened to a few times, he's really tale anted and good.
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This dude is amazing. I like 10 feet down
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