GeneralCan u get a refund for FIFA of the xbox store ?Posted:

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I bought the Ronaldo edition (70GBP) and do not enjoy the game, Also i have spent 150 GBP on packs as i cant stop spending money on them so im going to try get a refund for the game.

I bought it off the Xbox store so is this possible ?
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i did it with fifa 17 so should be able 2
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I don't waste money on packs anymore just pointless might as well be pissimg it away
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That's not ea's fault. That's your fault for purchasing packs. You can't just get a refund because you're not happy with the outcome.
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you could probably get a refund for the game but not the money on the packs
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I don't think you will be able to get a refund since you've had the game for so long. You could contact Xbox Support and see if a refund is possible but I doubt they will.
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just try Xbox support. If you are lucky, they will give you a refund, if not, then bad luck.

Imo, they probably wont be able to do a refund.

If you cant stop buying packs or whatever, just delete the game from the hdd.
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No I don't believe you can
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