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I was out with some buds this evening and we got into a debate about which fast food establishment has the best tasting fries.

Rather than creating a poll with a million options, just reply below with your favorite place for fried spuds and I'll mark the top 3 most popular here in this post.

In my opinon, Five Guys has the ABSOLUTE BEST fries of all fast food places.

Five Guys

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Panini pete's if you've ever had it. gr8 fries
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Five guys cajun fries are my fave personally.

Otherwise, chips and curry sauce from a fish and chips shop
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5 guys! McDonalds comes second in my opinion
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McDonald's !!!!
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I like raising cane's fries and their sauce. I liked McDonald's before they change the oil. I don't know if they did that all around or just in my location.
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gotta go with micky d's
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McDonald's is my favorite. Haven't had Five Guys.
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McDonald's is my favorite
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