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Two nights ago, i was playing Fifa 18 Pro Clubs and it absolute aids and i got so angry that i punched my tv and now its cracked and weird colors are just present, so now i need a new monitor.

Purpose = Gaming, Netflix
Games = Cod, Fifa, Rocket League, and ofc Minecraft lmao

Don't link $500 monitors because i am not Bill Gates, do the average 200 monitor that is good or average for the games i want to play, Thank YOu
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Okay, I'm a little confused so please clear this up lol

You mention you had a TV before being used to display your game. Was this on console or a PC? I know this section is PC Gaming Forum, but I just want to make sure.

If it is a PC, what graphics cards are you using? That will justify if getting a 1080p (Newegg has a Nixeus monitor that is a TN panel; however is 144Hz 1080p for like $189.99 -- never heard of this brand however) or even trying to find a 1440p 60Hz that could fit in budget and would work better with your GPU.
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Its a 144hz 1ms monitor, its really good for pc gaming and I recommend
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