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how much is a good savings amount to have in your bank when your 18 to you guys?
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Depends on your nationality, culture, upbringing and a range of other factors.

Some people have never worked a day in their lives at age 21 but yet others have been doing hard labour since age 16 and have saved their wages for a appropriate time.

Dont worry about what other people have.

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When i was 18 i had 0, i'm 21 and still have 0.

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Didn't get a job till I was 19 but my buddy had 6,500$ when he graduated high school
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I managed to accure 11k by 18, i saved money from working my job, then working the summer with my dad. Then also money from graduating HS.
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My savings account went on a car, so nothing worth bragging about.
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I had a nice whip when i was 18, put it on a car loan... $7k then i had a $800 capital one CC.
So i was in the hole.

Met my wife at 19, became debt free at 21.
Started my own business and now at the age of 30. My house is paid off, got a 401k growing, some stock and no bills except a new suv i bought the wife a couple years ago and have comfortable savings/personal/business accounts.

It really depends on if you are going to live in the moment or have a cushion when you retire because for me... i do not want to wok for the rest of my life.
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I had 2500 when I graduated
Hate to sound ungrateful but id much rather have been given an old muscle car like a few friends of mine lmao
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there really isn't no set amount, I would just save as much as you can.
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When I was at 18, I had $0. Joined the Army, grew to $6k by 19. Then married at 20 and Its at 0 again lol. But we still have nice things
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