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I'd love to see where some of you are from !?

Myself I live in America in a good ol state called
West Virginia .

There's plenty of wildlife to hunt many lakes An ponds to fish An swim in beautiful mountains to hike threw , Ect

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I'm a Scottish lad from the UK

(no we don't have sex with sheep) that's the Welsh

I kid, I kid
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I am from the United Kingdom, just outside London.
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I'm from the UK, Stoke to be more precise!
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I'm from the United Kingdom in a horrible county called Dorset, nothing decent here most people are proper scum, wish I was joking
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Knox wroteI'm a Scottish lad from the UK

(no we don't have sex with sheep)

Speak for yourself ;) jk lol

On topic - I am also from Scotland. Paisley to be precise, but moved around a lot and currently living in Glasgow. And I was actually a sheep farmer for a while lol
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I live in merica and Ohio so #ohiogang #MGK
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I live in the United States in a state called Kentucky. CatsBy90
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I live in UK in a city called Liverpool.
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I live in USA, in Pennsylvania
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