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Hello everyone, I have astro A50's with the PS4 base station but currently have an Xbox one, I've heard you can buy leads etc to get sound etc and party chat on xbox? would anybody be able to know what I'd need?
thank you:)
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Im unsure what you are asking. why dont you just plug it into the xbox?
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Just plug the optical cable from the Xbox optical out port to the base station optical in port, and leave the base station plugged into the PS4 via USB. You have to change your audio settings on the Xbox to bitstream only, and Dolby digital. Also, make sure the audio is optical out only, and that HDMI audio is turned off. As long as you have the PS4 powering the base station it will work for just game audio.
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plug your cable from your mic directly into your controller and then if u press xbox home button and go down to settings u get chat game and max volumes
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