GeneralThis game is the most badly made game everPosted:

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ea have now screwed up their game with the balancing of defending to attack
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totally agree
game has been out for less than a week
already hate it

in before people say

no ai to help blaa blaa
your sh*t blaa blaaa
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I actually like it. Love how there are many ways to get player packs now. Love the offline squad battles and for the first time, i havent spent a single dime besides what i paid for the game. Though my team i low on chem, its still enough to beat the prodessional difficulty.
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I agree with everyone's point

To win on Legendary is a good challenge i normally win but the goals they score are always by bad defending or 45th and 90th minute goals

There are good ways to get packs but it is still the same pack luck
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From what i've read Goalkeepers do suck, but as for defending it just takes some time to adapt.
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All in all you cant blame your keeper for not reaching a top corner shot or a bottom corner shot also defending is much better than it was, older fifas gave free kicks and pens for useless shit.
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People dont want the AI to defend like in 17, they listened and took it out. Now that you have to defend yourself your upset? lmao
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I'm actually really enjoying this FIFA and I think it's the best one gameplay wise that they've put out but it's still early days. The only bad thing is that every goalkeeper sucks but the new update thats just come out should change that hopefully
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